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for small business

Hand-crafted web design for small business & startups
with focus on the conversion and user experience

Web design for startup
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Need help with
web design?

Perfect! I'm Tom, and I will help you to make stellar
website that will convert and make you standout.

As an independent freelance web designer for small business, my main goal is

to always design for users and conversion. UX and conversion rate are things

that will either make, or break your business – don’t leave it up to coincidence.

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Over 40+ projects
already done​


Conversion rate can either break or
make your business. Many designers
never design for CTR. But I do.

Web design for small business

for users

User experience will determine if
your visitors will have positive
experience browsing your website.

We're a good
fit if you are:

If you are serious about the success of your company,
and you want to give yourself best shot possible.

If you are funded startup or entrepreneur launching a new
project, and you need powerful web design to drive sales.

If you don't want a cheap low-cost web design that would
only make your chance for success significantly smaller.

If your business got some traction and success, but you
desperately need a fresh look and complete redesign.

Are you not sure if we are a good fit? That's fine!
Reach out, and we will schedule a quick call.
In case we're not a good fit, I will point you at the
best designers that I personally look up to!

+421 903 958 162

over everything

Each stage has its own deliverables – but final delivery includes full export with all source files, fonts, images, and everything that a programmer will need.


Regarding file formats.. I work in Adobe XD, so in case your team prefers to work with Figma or Sketch source files – I can always transfer these files easily.

When I’m submitting proposal, I always try my best to take into consideration all kinds of factors. Every situation is different, so I don’t like to set a price in a stone.


However, most of the projects are in the range of $1,400 and can even reach numbers as high as $10,000.


I always try to customize it to my client’s needs and options.

I mostly specialize on startups that are in the early-stage. BUT I am always excited to take on new challenges. For ex. recently I worked for a client in laundry cleaning subscription business – you can check that work here.

Sadly no. I deeply specialize on web design – if I would take on a job for you wich I would feel I am not good at, I would be just cheating you.


But – I have a great network of a talented designers that are killing it in their own specializations, so you can ask me and I can definitely point you at the right designer for that 🙂

I developed my process with one goal in mind.. To deliver you the most modern, UX & Conversion optimized web design possible.   That’s why you can find in my process steps like wireframing, creating user personas and etc.   To learn more about my process – read more here.

The whole web design process can take anything from 2 weeks up to 2 months. Again, depends on the complexity of the whole project.


Most of the web designs take around 4 – 6 weeks! If you need the project to finish faster, just let me know and we can prioritize our collaboration around your timeline.

I do take 50% of the project upfront. This makes you and me more invested in your project – which ultimately leads to better result.


If it is a more complex project, I take 25% upfront for the first milestone. Once it’s reached, then we proceed with another one.

Does your startup really
need web design?

Sometimes I am very surprised when clients approach me,
and they are still not sure, if web design is something they need.

Imagine this scenario:

You are selling service to your clients for 74$.

Now you are also running campaigns that are driving 5,000 people to your website for around 3,000$.

Since you hired for web design your colleague "Joe", that is definitely not designer – and you didn’t really craft a compelling messaging, and haven’t used user personas, your conversion rate is 0.6% - which is ultimately 30 sales.

30 sales x $74 product = 2,220$ revenue
2,220$ - 3,000$ (ad spend) = -800$

Your business is slowly bleeding. And I didn’t even include costs associated
with fulfillment of these orders, office costs, accounting, taxes and etc.

Now imagine this scenario:

Exactly as in the previous example, your service costs 74$ and driving 5000 people to your website costs you 3,000$

BUT here is a difference:

You hired a professional web designer that specializes on startups. He made web design optimized for conversion and your ideal customer.


The conversion rate jumped to 1.9% which means that out of 5,000 people, around 95 become your customers.

95 sales x $74 product = $7,030 revenue
$7,030 - $3,000 (ad spend) = 4,030$

Now you have enough money to fund your business
and scale your campaigns, so you can grow your business month by month.

You see what a small CTR % jump can do
for your startup in the early-stage?

If there is a place to save money on as a startup – web design is definitely
not one of these things. Of course, there are more things that affect conversion rate
but web design is one of the most important puzzles.

Should you hire indenpendent web designer or design agency?

Design agency might charge you $20,000 to $150,000, depending on who they
are and the complexity of the project.

But not every startup has to invest that amount into web design.

As an Independent web designer for small business, I’m able
to bring agency-level design to the same project
for a fraction of that.

Now that I am done with my shameless pitch, let’s talk quickly about
the main difference between freelance web designer and design agency.

Difference between indenpendent
web designer and design agency

Web designer small business

One-stop buffet
design agency

So If you are looking for a one-stop design buffet – where you will get also a logo,
banners, business cards and etc. – you will want to reach out to an agency.

However – if you want a professional that specializes on web design for startups
only, an independent freelance web designer is the best shot for your startup.

Now - I am not saying that working with a design agency is bad.

I am just showing you an options by pointing out the main difference between
web design studio and freelancer web designer for small business.

Benefits of hiring web
designer for your startup

As I previously mentioned – the biggest benefit is pretty much obvious.

With a better, ctr-optimized web design targeting your ideal client user
persona, you have a much better shot.

And you won’t get that if you try to make your web design by yourself
(unless you are a designer) nor if you hire a low-cost solution from Fiverr.

Here are the main benefits of
hiring web designer for your startup:

Better results

You will be able to see increase in CTR, which ultimately results
in thousands of $ in revenue for your business.

Optimized for customer

My process includes creating your ideal customer’s user persona - it helps with conversion and experience.

Focus on CTR

There are many factors that affect CTR – but a good web design is one puzzle of the
whole picture

Tailored to your brand

Branding is important part of your company – and you want to communicate the right message to your customers.

Web design is hard,
my process isn't.