My web design process

Whether you are a startup or small business, my process
follows the same steps for everyone.

As a first step we will schedule a quick call to get to know each other – so I can get a better idea on what your goals are.


We will also discuss the scope of the whole project. 

Once I will have all the information I need – I will send you proposal with a very simple contract.


Once approved, a standard 50% deposit is required to start the project. With larger and more complex project we can also do milestones.

This is where we are starting to work together.


I will send you a simple questionnaire, to get the rest of the information I will need (for moodboarding, wireframing..)

This is where the fun begins! We will dive deep into your customer’s minds and will develop user personas of your most idea client.

This is one of the most crucial steps – because user personas are incredibly important when it comes to designing a website. Without them – we would design and position you for “everybody”.

We need to position your product for your market and your ideal customer – so your CTR won’t suffer!

Moodboards are an easy way to visualize and communicate visual ideas.


It will help me to get your vision on paper – and set up a direction for a whole web design. Think of it as a compas for planes, that need to go from A to B.


Wireframing is also very important – especially for making sure that we get the CTAs correctly.

This is where my main focus is CTR and User Experience.


It is more like a “sketch” on paper – without any styles, images or fancy fonts. That’s why it’s easy to focus on delivering the best UX possible.

Once we nail the wireframing part – we’re almost there!


This is the longest part of the whole progress.


It is me – locked in a distraction-free room working on your killer web design. It takes most of the time because it’s the biggest challenge to use the wireframe, while having user personas in mind and put it all together into an amazing converting web design.


Once finished – I will send you the presentation of the web design. Of course – nothing is perfect without revisions. That’s why there are 2 rounds of revisions included.


Once we are done – as the last step I will deliver all kinds of exports, source files, assets and fonts, so your dev team can turn it into a fully functioning website.

Are you ready?
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