Close more deals with
sales presentation design

Highly-effective sales presentations that will help you to
win more clients and achieve results you never dreamed off!

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Let me handle your slides, and focus on preparation

Hello, I’m Tom Caklos and I work as a freelance presentation designer.
I will spend hours on your sales presentation – so you don’t have to!

Sales presentation design that:

Sales presentation
design that will help
you to close more!

There is a close tie between professionalism, trustworthiness, and closing more deals.

Professionally designed sales presentation will help you to come off as an authority in the space and potential clients will choose you over the competition.

Surprise your prospects with powerful branding

Your potential client will appreciate the fact, that you have a well-designed presentation just because of them.

As a sales presentation designer, I’ll make sure your slides will fit your company branding or style guide as well.

Don't waste hours
on your presentation

Sales and your objectives are just too important for you to spend your time on each slide.

Sales presentation design takes me anything from 15 – 40 hours to finish, depending on the complexity of the project.

Now ask yourself this: “Do you have that much time?”

If you just yelled big “NO” at your screen, reach out to me and we can discuss the scope of the work asap.

Impress clients &
win more deals

Your sales presentation design should make it easy for your clients to understand your services / product.

Impress them with a jaw-dropping sales presentation that will leave them speechless.

The only thing they will tell you after is “I’m in!”

Over +40 projects
successfully done

Meet my simple 3-step
presentation design process:

This 3-step process is so efficient, that I can deliver you a hand-designed,
top-quality presentation within a few days, depending on the complexity.

Discovery meeting

1. Discovery meeting

Entails a very brief, 15-minute call where I learn more about your goals, design vision and ideas for the presentation.


2. Touch Base

I’ll design the first 3 slides to highlight the initial direction of our project. My goal here is to make your jaw drop! (Or blow you away!)

Final design

3. Finalization

Once you send the go-ahead, I’ll make any requested changes and power forward with the rest of your presentation design.

Transparent pricing

Money-back guarantee

Did I fail to meet your expectations?
I will give you full refund + I will add
$200 on top of that. That’s how confident I am in my presentations.

Design from scratch

You’re starting from scratch with little or no established design aesthetics
$80 / per slide

Design match

You are repurposing a presentation with established design aesthetics

$65 / per slide

Do you need help with a big template?

Large template so you and your team can produce multiple decks.