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Making presentation from scratch
is very time-consuming task.
Let me help you with the design part!

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It’s time to nail your
Google slides design!

Hi! I’m Tom Caklos, a Google Slides designer who is highly skilled and passionate about making  visually engaging Google Slides presentations.

Google slides services:

Over +40 projects
successfully done

Meet my simple 3-step
presentation design process:

This 3-step process is so efficient, that I can deliver you a hand-designed,
top-quality presentation within a few days, depending on the complexity.

Discovery meeting

1. Discovery meeting

Entails a very brief, 15-minute call where I learn more about your goals, design vision and ideas for the presentation.


2. Touch Base

I’ll design the first 3 slides to highlight the initial direction of our project. My goal here is to make your jaw drop! (Or blow you away!)

Final design

3. Finalization

Once you send the go-ahead, I’ll make any requested changes and power forward with the rest of your presentation design.

Designing Google
Slides presentations
from the ground up

The most memorable, appealing, and original
designs will make you confident and allow you
to nail your presentations by sharing your ideas
clearly with the rest of the world.

Google Slides design pricing

Money-back guarantee

Did I fail to meet your expectations?
I will give you full refund + I will add
$200 on top of that. That’s how confident I am in my presentations.

Design from scratch

You’re starting from scratch with little or no established design aesthetics
$80 / per slide

Design match

You are repurposing a presentation with established design aesthetics

$65 / per slide

Do you need help with a big template?

Large template so you and your team can produce multiple decks.

Outsource design
to me and save
hours of your time!

As a Google Slides designer, I specialize in creating outstanding Google Slides presentations that provide the outcome you desire. Whether you’re pitching to a sales team or a college class, I have the creative insight to know exactly what your design demands are.

I’ll save you time so you can concentrate on drafting an effective speech. My main goal is to develop a professional-looking Google Slides Presentation that clearly communicates your thoughts with your audience.

Achieve your goals
with remarkable
Google Slides

Invest in a custom Google Slides presentation design today to boost your confidence in your delivery and allow you to share your thoughts flawlessly with your audience.

My work is engaging and energetic, and will help you achieve your goals! Your Google Slides presentation design will help you give a winning presentation you’ll be proud of by showcasing your ideas in a memorable way.

Keep your audience
engaged during your

Nobody wants to put their audience to sleep during a presentation. I have a lot of creative expertise and experience when it comes to developing a spectacular presentation as your Google Slides Designer. My creative expertise will be used to turn your text-heavy presentations into sleek, elegant, and memorable graphics.

My Google Slides presentation will effortlessly captivate your audience and transmit your message successfully.

My Work Puts the 'Wow-Factor' in presentations.

I have a proven track record of producing stunning Google Slides presentation designs that get results. Make an impression by being memorable, confident, and delivering a successful presentation.

Investing in a Google slides presentation design that is specifically created to your needs will get greater results.

"It is really refreshing to work
with this software which is
truly helpful in preferences"
Brian Casel
CEO at
Unlimited revisions

Unlimited Revisions

I want to create a product we both love. I’m flexible to revise your presentation and make any design changes as needed.

Fast delivery

Fast Delivery

Have an urgent project?
I am a freelance presentation
designer that is able to
deliver work within a
few days of intense work!

Any software

Any Software

As a presentation designer,
I am confident creating
in most of the popular
softwares like Powerpoint,
Keynote and Google slides.

Money-back guarantee

Money-back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied –
you won’t pay anything.
Better yet, I’ll also pay
you $200 – that’s how
confident I am in my skills.

Unmatched quality

Unmatched Quality

My role as your presentation
designer means I will provide
you with a winning presentation
that is unmatched in quality.

Google Slides can
be time-consuming.
Let me help you.

Build a lasting impact:

It’s my job as a Google Slides designer to create a gorgeous Google Slides presentation that leaves an indelible impression on your audience. I’ll make sure your Google Slides presentation is memorable and helps you make the right impact on your target audience.

Better messaging:

 Your presentation has a message that needs to be communicated clearly and easily. Using a Google Slides designer to develop your custom presentation design will help you ensure that your message is received by your audience. It is my expertise that will make your next Google Slides Presentation a success.

Save your time:

It takes time to create a superb Google Slides presentation. As your Google slides designer, I’ll save you time by handling the design so you can concentrate on giving a great presentation. My understanding of Google Slides allows me to quickly develop attractive, professional presentation designs, allowing you to present with peace of mind.

Customer-focused designs:

Every day, as a Google slide designer, I spend my time creating winning Google slide presentations for my clients. As a result, I have creative insight that allows me to develop a Google slides presentation that is personalized to your demands. I understand that every successful design is dependent on the audience, setting, and target message.

Increase your chances of success

The goal of your Google Slides presentation is to get you results. As your Google slides designer, I have the knowledge and creative insight necessary to build gorgeous, memorable, and conversion-oriented Google slides presentation designs that will get you the outcomes you want!

Frequently asked questions
about Google Slides projects

In most cases, Google Slides presentations takes me about 5-7 days. Sometimes even faster.

The speed always depends on many factors such as complexity and urgency of the project.

In case you have an urgent project, please don’t forget to include that in your initial message.

To start working on your presentation, I will need:

  • Finished version of your content (preferably on empty slides, but doc is fine too!)
  • Brand guidelines (optional)
  • Preffered colors / vibes / feels
  • The goal of your presentation in one sentence

“But why do you need a written goal for a presentation in one sentence?”

Well it’s simple. We need a clarity of what we consider a goal in order to make a stellar presentation design! It can be anything like “win more deals” ; “impress investors” and etc. etc.

Yes, I am currently available for more work. Even when I’m not – I have an autoresponder in case I’m not so you would find out!

Over the years I get to work with many amazing people and companies – and most of them are still working with me on a retainer. That way they always get a piece of my time for their presentations on a monthly basis!

In case you have an upcoming presentation in a few months – please contact me so I can save you a spot in the callendar!

The cost for the presentation design service widely varies depending on the complexity and nature of your topic.

My pricing most of the time starts at the rate $80 / slide for presentation design from scratch. In case you have an existing presentation – and all you need is to adjust design to fit the content, rate is $60 / slide.

As a presentation designer, I believe every single project deserves special attention – and that there is not one simple solution. The rate is always custom-tailored to the scope of your project and your goals.

Yes! At the end of our collaboration you will receive all source files you will need, to make some final last changes in content.

I am using the most popular softwares for presentations, and these are: Powerpoint, Keynote and Google slides

No matter what tool you use for your presentations, I am always happy to choose software, that your team is comfortable working with! Most of these presentation softwares are very similar so there is no issue with that at all!

Once we finalize the design, and you pay the invoice – presentation will belong with all rights to you / your company.

Absolutely! In fact, I work with many clients that wish to keep things confidential! It’s absolutely normal and natural.

In case I want to use your presentation design in my portfolio, I will make sure you are fine with it.

I usually don’t work on “minor changes”. However, if you already have a design aesthetic of the presentation finished, but you need to adjust slides in order to fit the content – yes!