Tom Caklos designer

Welcome, I'm Tom!
I design

How it all started

Born in a humble country Slovakia – this is where my story began. Since I was a little kid I was drawn to design, fashion and architecture.

My very first clicks on the computer happened when I had 10 years – and Photoshop was the main source of fun.  There were only a few tutorials on Photoshop back then, so I probably followed every single one of them.

Overtime, I gained some very interesting skills and I could almost use it as good as some people use Word.

When I turned 16, that’s when I launched my freelancing career. Most of my work was consisting of doing banners, social media posts and web designs.. nothing hard.

Along the journey till now I met and worked with many amazing people across all industries.. and I love the fact that we can connect and work together – even though we’re from different parts of the world.

How is it going now

How I got this idea to do presentation design? Well.. After watching dozens of TED talks on Youtube,I got this crazy idea…

What if I could be the person behind curtains that would be behind all these amazing slides?

Little did I know that it will be eventually “mine thing”..

So here I am right now – helping companies and individuals to nail their presentation.

Since then I worked with many amazing people – and I can’t wait to work with many more!

What separates me
from other designers?

I pay mu full undivine attention to every single project
I take on. Besides that, mine success is also your success.
Your setback is also mine setback.

When you receive your
presentation design, you
will be able to request
any amount of revisions

Need my help urgently?
I completely understand.
I got you covered!

The best quality only.
No re-used, old templates.
100% unique and tailored
work for you.

Your setback is mine setback.
Mine success is your.
I take full responsibility
for success of the design.

What's the best
way to contact me?

Even though I am very busy, I always reply to everyone.

The best way to reach me is via contact form on the page
below. You can also use e-mail: