How much do presentation designers charge? Updated rates 2022

Written by Tom Caklos

Written by Tom Caklos

Presentation designer

presentation designer rates

Are you considering hiring a presentation designer, but you’re not sure how much it will cost you? Don’t worry, I got you covered!

How much do presentation designers charge?

Professional presentation designers usually charge anything from $40 to $80 per one slide. The amount they charge heavily depends on their skills, experience, and demand of clients. Less skilled presentation designers tend to charge under $40 per slide – depending on their skills.

While I know that for some people these numbers might be enough – let’s have a look at more specific numbers:

Presentation designer skillPricing per slide
Entry designer (just starting out)$10 – $20
Junior presentation designer$20 – $40
Full-time presentation designer$40 – $75
Specialized presentation designer$75 – $125

Now these are some proper numbers we can work with!

But why some designers can charge way more than others?

Well it depends on many factors such as:

  • Skillset – if a presentation designer charges you over $50 per slide, there’s a big chance that he has a good reasons for it. One of them are the skills. To be able to design a breathtaking presentations takes a great knowledge and skill in typography, layout and other design principles etc.
  • Experience
  • Specialization – specialized people always gets paid the most. Think of going to a dentist for teeth replacement. Would you prefer taking a risk of paying $200 to a young dentist – or paying potentially x2 to a specialized dentist to take care of your beatiful smile?
  • Demand – another reason why some can pump their prices up is the demand. If they have a big network of client – they are constantly flooded with a lot of work. That allows them to 2x – 4x their pricings in order to funnel out clients with smaller budgets.

Now when it comes to working with an agency – it really depends on who you work with and what kind of service they provide.

Some agencies will provide you with everything from notes, storytelling, content and design – while some freelance presentation designers will help you only with the design part.

I know clients that prefer one over the other – so it really comes down to your personal preference on how much you want to control the presentation direction. If you go with an agency, be prepared to pay anything from $125 – $500 per slide depending on who you work with.

Small note: There are also some agencies I heard of that are underballing the market prices (charging less than $10 per slide). I am not sure how are they able to keep prices like that on such a scale – but my guess is that the price you pay will reflect on the quality of presentation your receive.

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