Creating Titles for Your PowerPoint Slides: Tips & Tricks

Written by Tom Caklos

Written by Tom Caklos

Presentation designer

Powerpoint slide titles

Adding titles, visible or not, to your PowerPoint slides will help you in many ways. Navigating through the presentation, structuring the content, and keeping your audience in the loop are some of the main benefits that come with working with titles.

Does every PowerPoint slide need a title?

It is highly recommended to use the title on every PowerPoint slide. While you don’t need to necessarily make them visible to your audience, it still provides a great amount of value and benefits. Having a title on every slide helps your audience to keep up with the content structure.

It also helps them to understand the topic much better. Especially if the presentation is about some study with a lot of terminology and facts.

While some people would argue with me that sometimes “less is more” – having a title on every slide will give you many benefits I already mentioned.

Another thing to keep in mind.. you don’t need to make them visible to your audience. Just keep them there so you can remind yourself where you are in the presentation. It helps a lot.

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How do you make a good title for each slide?

When crafting titles for your slides, try to always keep in mind a bigger picture. Step back, and try to think: “What sentence would draw the best conclusion for this specific slide?” and “How it would impact the rest of my presentation”?

Don’t make the mistake of titling your PowerPoint slides without deeper thinking. It’s essential that it makes perfect sense.

Now be careful.. while it can make perfect sense to you, your audience might not get it. So what I recommend to avoid this scenario is to always show your presentation to a few people and ask them, if they understood everything.

That way you get non-biased opinions and feedback.

The best PowerPoint slide title ideas

Some of the best titles are usually:

  • Funny & Humorous
  • Draw conclusion

Here are a few great examples of the best PowerPoint slide title ideas:

Good example of powerpoint titles
Example of slide title in PowerPoint

When crafting titles for your slides, try to draw inspiration from other presentations on the internet – so you get a better idea of what worked and what didn’t. Life is too short to make all the mistakes, so we need to start learning from the mistakes and successes of other people!

Wrapping it up

So now that you understand the importance of titling your PowerPoint slides, and what role they are having in your success – go and apply what you learned! That’s the only way to learn properly.

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